San Polo Auka Bonarda, Argentina-- In LCBO Vintages March 15,2014 $14.95 # 357226

The Bonarda grape is gaining ground on the consumers’ tables all over the world. It stands out for being easy to drink, with a great color, soft tannins, and mainly low alcohol content, a distinctive feature in the face of the new trends.  Bonarda is a variety blessed with great winemaking potentiality in Argentina and it is considered the second most important red grape, behind Malbec. Argentina is the only producer of this grape; therefore it is a varietal wine with no competition in other countries.

 “It is a product exhibiting a lovely color, with fresh and fruity nose; sometimes, it usually offers clove aromas, velvety palate and soft tannins. A really important feature is that its alcohol content is below 13.5.”

Posted on March 12, 2014 .